Empire Site Communication Management, Inc., has been providing professional services to the wireless community since 1998. Empire Site works extensively with building and tower Owners in helping them to attract and retain wireless communication tenants to their rooftop and tower sites. Currently, Empire Site manages an inventory of over 70 buildings and towers – our wireless tenants provide an additional and substantial source of revenue to their respective Owners.

Empire Site also provides lease consulting services to those Owners who desire professional expertise in negotiating contracts with potential and current wireless tenants. Empire Site’s extensive experience in negotiation and finalizing rooftop and tower contracts confers to our clients an insider’s perspective to the wireless industry. Empire Site’s extensive experience helps Owners to evaluate whether a prospective wireless tenant's offer reflects the market value.

Empire Site has assisted wireless companies in finding new locations for expanding their wireless networks. Empire Site has been on both sides of the negotiating table. Because of this, Empire Site knows what the needs, concerns and motivations are of Owners and wireless tenants. This unique perspective allows Empire Site to conclude lease negotiations with terms and conditions that are beneficial to both parties.

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